About us

Camunda, based out of Berlin, Germany was founded in March 2008 and currently employs more than 70 people. The corporation is managed by the founders and owners and has not raised any external funding (venture capital, loans, etc.). It has been profitable since the founding date and has grown organically. This has led to remarkably stable leadership which from both a short and long term perspective, benefits our customers.

Camunda has been focusing on the topic of business process management (BPM) since day one and among other things participated in defining the BPMN 2.0 standard. The book "Real-Life BPMN" which was published in 2009, has become one of the most successful publications about BPMN and is available in English, Spanish and German.

In 2014, Camunda Inc. was established in San Francisco, California.

The Story behind "Camunda"

Camunda comes from the latin verbs "capere" ("to comprehend") and "munda" ("clean"). It basically means that we want to deeply understand the world around us and based on that understanding we want to act in a way that is both effective and ethically correct - to make the world a better place, for all of us. When founding Camunda we also chose this name because we wanted to make a difference to those consulting enterprises mostly interested in their own shareholder value and offering their counsel based on incomplete knowledge.

We started as a BPM consulting business and today we are primarily a BPM software vendor. But the spirit of those very first days persisted and so we are still passionately "capering" the world around us and creating a software product in a way that is "munda" by any means...

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Jakob Freund

Co-Founder and CEO

Jakob has been active in the BPM space for more than 10 years and specializes in the matter of business-IT-alignment.

At Camunda, Jakob is responsible for general management and international business development.

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Bernd Rücker

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist

Bernd has been in the BPM space for more than 10 years and specializes in the technical aspects of process automation.

Bernd is evangelizing the market for Camunda as a well-known conference speaker and author of numerous publications.

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Robert Gimbel

Head of Product

Robert has profound experience in BPM consulting and is an expert for agile software development.

At Camunda, Robert is heading all engineering efforts for creating, maintaining and supporting our software products.

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Michael Ferber

Head of Consulting

Michael is an experienced manager of international consulting teams in the BPM and general IT industry.

At Camunda, Michael is leading our consultants and trainers to ensure an excellent quality of service for our customers.

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