Camunda BPM platform

Get to know the best BPM-platform for Java.

Camunda BPM is a light-weight, open source platform for Business Process Management. It matches up perfectly with Java development and provides powerful business-IT-alignment based on BPMN 2.0.


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Support throughout the entire BPM cycle

Camunda supports you throughout the BPM cycle and thereby enables a continuous improvement process (CIP):


You can model BPMN process for Camunda using a web-based modeller, desktop modeller or even an existing BPMN tool.

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You can fully rely on Java for the technical implementation of your processes. The modeled BPMN processes will run 1:1.

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At runtime you benefit from the Camunda web applications for task processing, monitoring and administration.

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Automatically measured indicators (KPI) will facilitate the systematic detection and elimination of weak points.

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The full potential of modern standards

In order to enable holistic BPM, Camunda supports the major standards of the Object Management Group for Business Process Management:

BPMN 2.0 to model structured workflows. The standard is particularly suitable for automating business processes that operate in a relatively uniform way.

CMMN 1.0 focuses on cases. This is about more unstructured processes that require a high degree of flexibility in their execution.

DMN 1.0 allows the modeling and automation of business rules to make decisions within processes.

Camunda combines these standards in a single BPM platform.

Superior technology instead of zero code

Camunda is not a "click tool" with which processes can be "easily" clicked together and implemented without a need for programming - this approach is completely unrealistic anyway. Instead Camunda focuses on the provision of an extremely powerful platform for the absolute core processes of your company.

Customers such as Allianz Indonesia, T-Mobile Austria and Zalando confirm that we have succeeded with this approach.

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