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About Raiffeisen Software Solution und Service GmbH

Raiffeisen Solution is one of the largest IT service providers in Austria. We utilize the more than 40 years of experience gained within the Raiffeisen Banking Group for the benefit of our customers. That's why leading companies entrust us with their complex tasks and demands for high quality. We work both nationally and internationally and in a number of different industries and market segments.

Why we recommend Camunda BPM

We chose Camunda BPM as a lightweight product that is individually extensible due to the available source code. We also appreciate that our system architecture (Java EE and existing application servers) is supported, which meant that introducing Camunda BPM had a minimal impact on existing applications. Furthermore, Camunda BPM supports BPMN 2.0, and Camunda as a company offers a competent commercial support.

Hermann Lischka, Architecture Management

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