Camunda BPM References/ Sparta Systems Inc.

About Sparta Systems Inc.

Founded in 1994, Sparta Systems maintains an extensive customer base in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, CROs, consumer products, electronics manufacturing and other highly regulated industries. The company offers its customers a complete global quality management software solution, including the onsite solutions delivery support required throughout the project lifecycle.

Why we recommend Camunda BPM

We wanted to o er an out-of-the-box capability that would enable business analysts to create and deploy business processes. Camunda met all of our evalu- ation criteria and was easily embeddable within our existing Java application and proved to be a great partner throughout the entire process.


Judy Fainor, Chief Architect

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Camunda BPM at Sparta Systems

On their quest for a leading standard as well as a competent technology to manage workflows for all of their next generation cloud-based products (SaaS), Sparta Systems decided against internal development and chose instead to implement Camunda BPM.

This Case Study outlines on what grounds this decision was made, what benefits this choice brought with it and how Camunda BPM has since been used at Sparta Systems.


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