Process Application Development | Basics

In our three-day training we prepare you for using the open source Camunda BPM platform successfully in your own projects. Camunda BPM can be used as a lightweight workflow engine, as a BPM Platform or as the core component of your company wide SOA.

Note that our two days Process Application Development | Advanced training always runs in the same week afterwards. So you can visitit both trainings in a row.

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BPM & Process Automation

  • Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0
  • Process Automation with BPMN 2.0
  • Case Management with CMMN 1.0
  • Toolchain and methodology
  • Patterns and Best Practices

Process Engine

  • Shared vs. embedded Process Engine
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Programming Model using CDI or Spring
  • Process Data (Variables, XML, JSON) and Expression Language (JUEL, XPath)
  • API (Java, REST, SOAP)
  • Human Task Management
  • Service Orchestration

Process Applications

  • Unit Testing with JUnit and Arquillian
  • User Interfaces using JSF or HTML5
  • Calling Services (Java, REST, SOAP, EMail)


  • Error Handling
  • Process Versioning
  • Monitoring and Tooling

Decision Management

  • What is Business Rules Management and a Rule Engine?
  • Decision Management with DMN 1.0
  • Integration of BPMN and DMN in Camunda BPM

Technical Environment: This training and the exercises focus on using Camunda BPM with Maven, JBoss 7 and H2. However, other technical environments will be discussed.

Participation Fee: 1,690 EUR net
With your 2nd booking for the same date you get a 10% discount on the overall price.
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