Target Group

Software developers, IT-Architects who want to understand the technical details.

Course Overview

In our three-day training for developers we prepare you for using the open source Camunda BPM platform successfully in your own projects. Camunda BPM can be used as a lightweight workflow engine, as a BPM Platform or as the core component of your company wide SOA.


BPM & Process Automation


  • Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0

  • Decision Management with DMN 1.1

  • Case Management with CMMN 1.1

  • Process Automation

  • Toolchain and methodology

  • Patterns and Best Practices

Process Engine


  • Camunda Architecture

  • API (Java, REST, SOAP)

  • Process Data (Variables, XML, JSON) and Expression Language (JUEL, XPath)

  • Human Task Management

  • Programming Model using CDI or Spring

  • Error Handling

  • Deployment Scenarios

  • Process Versioning

  • Service Orchestration

Process Applications

  • Architecture of Process Applications
  • Unit Testing with JUnit and Arquillian
  • User Interfaces / Task Forms
  • Calling Services (Java, REST, SOAP, EMail)

Technical Environment: This training and the exercises focus on using Camunda BPM with Maven, JBoss 7 and H2. However, other technical environments will be discussed.  


The goal of this 3-day-training is to give you detailed insights into process automation with Camunda BPM and Java, by the end of that training you will

  • know the basics of BPMN
  • understand essential technical concepts of the Camunda BPM engine
  • be able to implement process applications on your own
  • know how to test them


Basic Java knowledge, know how to use a Java IDE (i.e. Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans).


3 Days


Certificate of completion



Dates & Registration

16.10.201718.10.2017BerlinBook Now
15.11.201717.11.2017ZürichBook Now
18.12.201720.12.2017BerlinBook Now



I participated in Camunda basic and advanced training and learned theory, best practices and techniques to go from modeling to execution of processes, cases and decisions. The staff of the Camunda share the maximum knowledge, experience in real cases of application in production and provide several practical exercises to discuss. The training was in place at the company's headquarters in Berlin, on a relaxed environment with the coexistence of other professionals that give life to the product.

Maurício Bitencourt - Projeler