Target Group

Everybody who wants to understand BPMN in detail.

Course Overview

Learn BPMN 2.0 for real! We show you how to successfully use BPMN, independent from specific software tools. As a member of the OMG, we are directly involved in the development of the BPMN standard and thus offer you first hand background information. We have used BPMN in numerous projects and are able to demonstrate its strengths and weaknesses based on our experience. Our methodological BPMN framework focuses on a better business-IT alignment and is a practical guide for your daily project work.


Day 1

  • Simple process models, gateways and assignments
  • BPMN Backgrounds
  • Most important events
  • sub processes and artefacts

Day 2

  • Collaborational Diagrams
  • Attached events
  • More event types
  • Best Practice Patterns
  • Activity Markers, Task Types and Transactions

Day 3

  • Documenting Processes with BPMN
  • Business-IT-Alignment with BPMN
  • Real project examples
  • Possible focal points:
    • Introducing BPMN in your company
    • BPMN and Business Rules
    • BPMN for process automation
    • BPMN Best Practices and Guidelines

The best learning method is ‘learning by doing’. That’s why we conduct several BPMN modeling exercises. The employed case-studies are not made-up but taken from our extensive experience from our numerous BPMN-projects. The typical problems of process modeling will be addressed and solved together with the participants of the training.


This class-room training is based on our successful handbook Real-Life BPMN. Within 3 days, you will be able to:

Understand BPMN

You will learn the "secret" paradigms behind BPMN and will undestand every BPMN diagram, no matter how complex it is, correctly.

Apply BPMN

You will know the complete BPMN symbol palette and know how to use it.

Introduce BPMN

You will know both the capabilities and limits of BPMN and can decide whether BPMN will be useful for your work and your company. You can create and implement a roadmap for introducing BPMN in your organization.




3 Days


Certificate of completion



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The BPMN Training is a comprehensive introduction into the possibilities of BPMN. The experienced trainer was able to answer all questions and discussions, supported by his vast practical experience. I have learned to use the full scope of BPMN. Beyond the syntax, a lot of best practices and challenges have been shown.

Dr. Klaus Schröder, Managing Consultant - S&N AG

Bühler AG
The numerous practical examples showed me the benefits for my daily work. In addition possible challenges, especially in relation to the automation of process models, were expressed. Thank you very much for a great training!

Walter Aeberhard, Application Manager - Bühler AG

Springtime GmbH

3 days of valuable information. Professionally presented and openly discussed. Very recommendable.

Markus Hübl, CEO - Springtime GmbH

Federal Department of Justice and Police
The complex subject has been conducted in a very extensive and practical way. The knowledge has been imparted in such a way, that one can set the strategic and planning framework conditions and at the same time received the basic knowledge for the operational realization. The seminar can be recommended for all levels.

Theo Brenzikofer, program manager GEVER EJPD - Federal Department of Justice and Police

Martin Schimak GmbH
Many thanks for the excellent conducted and structured seminar. Your professionalism, which shows in many small details, is truly impressive.

Martin Schimak, Independent Consultant - Martin Schimak GmbH

ERP Consulting Hubertus Schott
The BPMN seminar offers a good and concise explanation of the tools and an illustrative depiction of their use in practice. I could immediately apply what I've learned in practical exercises and received a direct feedback. The learning of a BPMN software combined with a pleasant atmosphere made the seminar truly worth it.

Hubertus Schott, Independent Consultant - ERP Consulting Hubertus Schott

The seminar conveyed the background and the practical use of BPMN on a first class level. The exchange of experience with the other participants completed the successful training.

Lars Lipinski, Consultant - Lars Lipinski

Daimler TSS GmbH
The BPMN training's content was conveyed by a very experienced trainer. The relation between theory and practical exercises was balanced. We especially liked the examples from different practical projects. Camunda does not teach “modelling for the ivory tower” but shows very specific ways to directly apply BPMN. Our individual questions were answered competently at all times. Topics such as “BPMN and agility” and a “Short introduction to Activiti” were easily integrated into the agenda.

Peter Müller, Senior Software Architect - Daimler TSS GmbH

Hevert Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG
Prior to the seminar “Practical Training BPMN 2.0”, we perceived Camunda as one of the leading experts in the area of BPMN 2.0. This has been fully confirmed by the seminar. The trainer had a plausible answer to every question and conveyed the rather dry matter of the BPM notation in a fluent and structured way. The training, interspersed with exercises, was very practical oriented and therefore entertaining. It has helped us to standardize the in different notations existing models and to establish BPMN 2.0 as a standard at Hevert pharmaceutical.

Uwe Scherer, Business Process Manager, Quality Management - Hevert Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG

Materna GmbH Information & Communications
The participation in the BPMN 2.0 training has helped to deepen my knowledge in BPMN. Due to practical exercises, helpful tips on best practices and the trainer's high level of expertise, my expectations were fully met.

Musa Jouma - Materna GmbH Information & Communications

CSC Deutschland Solutions GmbH
BPMN practical training - what you see is what you get! A great seminar, equipped with many practical oriented exercises, that gave also room for discussions about the routine of process management. It also met the most important expectation: taking home valuable suggestions for our daily work and practical ideas for implementation.

Peter Schnell, Business Manager - CSC Deutschland Solutions GmbH

What you see is what you get: the BPMN 2.0 training not only offers a practice-oriented approach but also a practical handling through evaluation and discussion of tasks and their outcomes. Attending seminars like this is fun and they are very successful.

Christian Dimitrovici - itKonzept!

Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG
Within 3 days of training, we received a very good insight into BPMN 2.0 modeling. Many extensive exercises that were discussed in detail, helped to identify the uses of the notation. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to discuss key issues and individual questions were answered in detail.

Anna Krampitz - Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG

Daimler TSS GmbH
I personally found the Camunda BPMN 2.0 training to be excellent. The professional quality far exceeded my expectations. I was able to integrate much of the acquired knowledge directly into my daily work. I would particularly like to emphasize the knowledge transfer's didactic quality!

Jonathan Häberle, Business Requirements Engineer - Daimler TSS GmbH

Helvetia Insurances
Prior to the course, we already discussed BPMN, at least in theory. But to truly understand BPMN, Camunda’s training course is not only helpful, but essentially important. The BPMN course doesn’t necessarily require technical affinity and process management expertise; however, it is of advantage if you are proficient in it. Our lecturer managed to show us very impressively how 'alive' BPMN is. Using the token-demonstration we were able to learn first-hand how the process is executed. We went deep into the processes and 'experienced' the sequences until the end of the process. This not only strengthened our understanding of the process, but also clarified how to use BPMN to its best. The exchange between the students was intense and very valuable. The course structure allowed enough time for these discussions. The lecturer patiently responded to our BPMN problems and through his direct and open manner managed to convey the world of BPMN 2.0 in a lively and practical way. He demonstrated comprehensibly what good and what bad modeling looks like. Our task now is to find suitable pilot processes so that we can demonstrate the benefits of BPMN2.0 within our company. As a result of attending the training course, we can now usefully deploy BPMN in the context of our applications and their business processes.

Eric Ammann, Prozessmanagement - Helvetia Insurances

Aspera GmbH
I really liked that the seminar was not a mere reproduction of the theory from the book, but that the coach has ensured time for active exchange of experiences between the participants and discussions on practical issues. Thus, the event was a worthwhile addition to the theory.

Christian Müller, Consulting - Aspera GmbH

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
As an absolute novice in the field of BPMN 2.0, I arrived with some personal reservations. However, my fears to attend a three-day training course where I do not understand anything, have quickly been dispersed. The instructor understood very well how to convey the content of the course. The course materials, the design and implementation of the course, as well as the pleasant training facilities in the Camunda offices were just great. At no time did I feel helpless, as all questions were answered promptly and professionally. There was no shortage in assistance when it came to solving the exercises. I am left totally satisfied, with a bunch of information in my head and luggage, which I now need to transfer into the reality of everyday work. The implementation now lies with me and I'm confident that I will succeed after this great course. After all, practice makes perfect.

Ingeborg Müller, Data Management - DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

WSG Wärmezähler-Service GmbH
The three days at Camunda gave me a very good insight into modeling with BPMN. The relaxed atmosphere and the high competence of the course conductor simplified the introduction to the subject. All subjects were accompanied with exercises, individual questions were answered and when required each participant was also assisted in solving the tasks. I can recommend this seminar with no hesitations.

Klaus Pelka, Deputy Managing Director - WSG Wärmezähler-Service GmbH

HOMA pumps
The two courses "BPMN 2.0" and "OCEB Fundamental" did exceed my expectations. I could easily enter into the broad topic of BPM without much prior knowledge. It was fun to model practical example processes under the guidance of expert trainers and to discuss these with the other participants. Camunda has definitely made sure that I will extensively study the topic of BPM at work in the future.

Michael Rother, Head of Information Technology - HOMA pumps

Camunda's BPMN course offers participants a detailed explanation of BPMN with many practical examples at a very high standard. The friendly and very competent trainer, was able to adapt very well to the participants and answered their individual queries in a way that made it interesting and understandable to everyone. It was a very pleasant training atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the many exercises with practical examples and the little test on day 2 as well as the provision of comprehensive training material. Our goal is to be able to document the processes in a real estate brokerage firm in order to automate them at a later stage and subsequently achieve a higher service quality. The trainer has managed to clearly show the path we need to take here. It is now quite clear to us how we must proceed and what tools we do and don't need. It thus appears, for the first time, that we can realize the technical implementation of our processes in a reasonable time. Especially helpful were the tips and advice on how we can technically implement processes with our existing CRM system "Flowfact". The brief analysis by the trainer of our existing process documentation and semantic accuracy provided further support. He was able to show us errors in the approach and provided valuable suggestions for a solution.

Frank Bauer - immoHAL

gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH

Prior to the training I had already tapped into the modelling of business processes based on Camunda's book "Real-Life BPMN". Due to the many examples given in the book this went relatively well.

But the picture only completes itself by attending the excellently conducted Camunda training. In addition to explaining the notation based on practical examples, I found the explanation for structuring the use of BPMN from the strategic to the technical presentation all the way to technical models and the process engine very instructive. Even the soft facts, without which no outstanding corporate achievements are possible nowadays, were systematically addressed.

I can only recommend the training to both the business as well as technically interested.

Stefan Käsler, Business Process Management - gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH

Friedrich Zufall GmbH & Co. KG

Nach fast 25 Jahren im Beruf ist man ja so einiges gewohnt: Dieses Seminar gehörte tatsächlich zu den besten, die ich jemals besucht habe:

Sehr angenehme Atmosphäre, qualifizierte Wissensvermittlung bei sanft ansteigender Lernkurve, aussagekräftige Übungen und hervorragende Dokumentation. Empfehlenswert.

Roland Brune - Friedrich Zufall GmbH & Co. KG

- AWADES GmbH & Co. KG