Camunda BPM for Software Vendors

Are you an independant software vendor (ISV) and want to enrich your product with workflow features? In that case Camunda BPM is the natural choice for you because its lightweight and embeddable.

The Camunda execution engine runs BPMN, CMMN and DMN models and you can seamlessly integrate it with your own backend via the REST or Java API. You can customize the look and feel of the Camunda web applications. And you can leverage, the open toolkit for modeling BPMN and DMN in the browser as part of your own user interface. This allows you to provide workflow and rule customization features to your own customers or consultants.

Since Camunda BPM is cloud-ready, you can deliver your product "powered by Camunda" on premise as well as in a SaaS fashion.

Commercially, you can close a flexible OEM agreement with us. This allows you to get our full support from day one while your costs are coupled to your own commercial success which minimizes the risks on your side.

We're happy to provide more details via email or phone.

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