Camunda BPM for Telecommunications

For telco providers, performance and scalability are key requirements for process automation technology. This is where Camunda BPM kicks in - with a high throughput and an architecture that makes it easy to operate in a horizontal cluster. Apart from this, our telco customers also appreciate Camunda Cockpit, the web application for operations. Camunda Cockpit provides real-time transparency and allows your operators to quickly handle any incidents that may occur at runtime.

Camunda BPM is currently being used in:

  • Order Execution, e.g. in mobile services
  • Operations Support Systems (OSS)
  • Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Sales processes for internet services

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Man 1
Man 1

Olaf Roßmanek,

Interview in 2015

freenet Group is the biggest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany.

Since 2012, GmbH has been using the Camunda BPM platform for the automation of core sales processes. The following interview was conducted with Olaf Roßmanek, CEO of GmbH.

Man 1
Man 1

Bernd Loacker, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

Interview in 2016

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of CK Hutchison Limited in Hong Kong.

In April 2014, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH began automating business processes with Camunda BPM. The following interview was carried out with Bernd Loacker, senior head of radio access network at Hutchison Drei.

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