Target Group

Business Analysts, Process Analysts, Requirements Engineers, Project Managers

Course Overview

Business Process Management comprises a collection of concrete methods, procedures and technologies to improve business processes. In this seminar we will give you an overview of this collection and at the same time qualify you for the certification according to the OMG standard OCE.


Business Goals, Objectives

Business Basics from the purely Business Point of View: Business fundamentals, strategy, planning and goal-setting, project management, marketing, staffing, finance.

Business Process Concepts and Fundamentals

Fundamental aspects of Business Processes: Identifying (Discovering) business processes, characteristics of processes, As-Is process vs. To-Be process, Levels of business process modeling, Tying Business Processes to Goals and Objectives.

Business Process Management Concepts and Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Business Process Management: Functional vs. Process-Centric Enterprise Organization; Styles of Process Management; Advancements in Process Management; Stakeholders' Roles and Responsibilities; Enabling Tools of Process Management.

Business Motivation Modeling

Business Modeling Fundamentals - Elements of the Business Motivational Model: Business Vision, Goals, Objectives; Means and Ends; Mission, Strategies, Tactics; Aspects of Business Modeling.

Business Process Modeling Concepts

This section is based on OMG's Business Process Model and Notation Specification™ Version 2 (BPMN™ 2). Attributes are not covered in this examination. Business Process Modeling Fundamentals: BPMN Basics; Definition and use of all BPMN Elements included in the Descriptive and Analytic Conformance Subclasses; Activities; Grouping Elements of a Model.

Business Process Modeling Skills

This section is based on OMG's Business Process Model and Notation Specification™ Version 2 (BPMN™ 2). Attributes are not covered in this examination. . Business Process Modeling Skills: Most questions in this section ask something about a brief scenario presented either as a BPMN diagram or in a few sentences. All BPMN elements listed in the Descriptive and Analytic Conformance Subclasses are in scope.


Process Quality, Governance, and Metrics Frameworks

Awareness of Industry Reference Models, and Quality, Metrics, and Governance Frameworks: This section covers its topics at an high level, allowing the candidate to demonstrate awareness of a range of industry frameworks that may prove either beneficial or, for regulatory frameworks, required by law in a project. Covered frameworks include the APQC Process Classification Framework, SCOR, Value Chain Reference Model, Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM), Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, COBIT, Basel 2, and Sarbanes-Oxley.


The 1.5-days seminar will optimally prepare you for the OCEB certification exam. At the same time we will complement the contents of OCEB with our extensive and many years long experience from BPM projects. Thus you will learn which contents are really important for your own practical use, what’s the status quo in practical BPM trendsetting and which subjects you should be prepared for.

The certification exam is not included in this training, but you can use the remaining half day in Berlin to take the exam in one of Berlin's many Pearson Vue Test Centers: Pearson Vue-Testcenters Website

First-Hand-Knowledge: We have joined OMG in 2009 as "influencing members", and are also participating in the development of the OCEB exams.


Basic knowledge about BPM-concepts, BPMN-knowledge helpful but not essential.


1.5 Days


Certificate of completion



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Our overall impression of the business process management seminar is outstanding. The content was conveyed in a friendly atmosphere by a professionally adept trainer and were illustrated by many practical examples. Exercises and allocated specialist literature completed the seminar.

Joerg Arnold, Coordinator Competence-Team E-Government - INFORA GmbH

Eurofins Information Systems GmbH
Camunda's OCEB training was extremely helpful. Not only did we pass the exam but we also gained new insights into the fundamentals of process management. The training was topped off by good materials and a pleasant workshop atmosphere.

Oliver Hackert, IT Managing Director - Eurofins Information Systems GmbH

After extensive experiences in process modelling and consulting with BPMN 2.0 we took the next logical step: to certify the process consultants. This was the solid proof of our competences and of course the continuous improvement of our methods and techniques for the evaluation and optimizing of business processes. Because VEDA does not only want to consult better, but also achieve results at an early stage. We experienced the trainer as a competent expert who was also open towards critical questions. The strong practical relevance was clearly noticeable due to our own experience with process modelling.

Sebastian Schneider, Specialist Software Engineering - VEDA GmbH

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Camunda offers a very good and competent preparation to the OCEB exam. If you want to achieve this certificate, you are in good hands.

Marcel Voß - T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Besides passing the exam for OCEB Business Intermediate and the related exam preparation, I did enjoy enriching the learning contents with personal experiences and my own problem solving approaches. In a very pleasant atmosphere, there was enough time for practical exercises, due to thoroughly prepared exam material – a very successful concept!

Dominik Blattner, Senior Consultant - CDI AG

T-Systems GEI GmbH
The seminar is a compact and competent preparation for the OCEB certificate in a pleasant and easygoing atmosphere. The seminar was well-attended and therefore it was easy to make contact with fellow participants.

Dr. Jens Schwede - T-Systems GEI GmbH

flightright GmbH
A competent and well-aimed seminar that leads directly to a successful exam. Through the exchange with other participants one can gain more interesting insights than just the mere knowledge for the exam.

Sven Bode, CEO - flightright GmbH

The overall package of seminar material, on-site services, a competent trainer, and interesting discussions on the subject of BPM and BPMN has left a very good impression. I passed the exam for the OCEB certification thanks to this outstanding preparation seminar. One can feel Camunda’s closeness to the subjects of business process management and BPMN – not only as a successful BPM company but also as a member of the OMG. The theoretical OCEB exam contents were vividly, comprehensibly and successfully conveyed with the help of a knowledgeable, practical and productive discussion between the trainer and the participants.

Sebastian Gaedeke, Business Consultant Process Architecture - ESPRIT

euroscript Luxembourg S.à r.l.
The contents of the OCEB Fundamental seminar were discussed in detail and very practice oriented. The trainer is well informed and his practical experience was noticeable. The necessary basics for the certification were well prepared and were conveyed in a suitable manner. The seminar was held in a very comfortable atmosphere. There was also enough time to exchange experiences with other participants. The seminar was completed with the successful passing of the exam.

Oliver Zimmer, Managing Director - euroscript Luxembourg S.à r.l.

I repeatedly participated in the Camunda seminars (the last one being OCEB Business Intermediate). It becomes obvious during the seminars that the trainers are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise and that they are also very able to communicate the different aspects of their topics to the participants. In case of the OCEB seminars I passed both certifications successfully. I can fully recommend Camunda.

Björn Schlüter, owner of MINAUTICS - MINAUTICS

The preparation seminar was an outstanding processing of the neccessary skills for the OCEB business intermediate certification. The competent trainer was able to convey the contents in a practical way and in a comfortable atmosphere. The exchange with the other participants and the practical examples made this seminar an exciting experience. Overall it was a very good and successful seminar.

Stefan Trompa -

1&1 Internet AG
Camunda’s OCEB Business Intermediate course is an optimal environment to acquire the best possible sophisticated and compact preparation for the certification. In addition, the trainer excelled with his impressive BPMN expertise, so that in addition to the certification a great benefit for the daily work life was also generated.

Martin Petry - 1&1 Internet AG

The training was compact and covered the certification material thoroughly. This was efficient preparation for the OCEB exam with Camunda specialization - BPM process engine add-ins. Not only pure knowledge was shared but also inspiring hands-on experience. Overall it generated appetite to move to the next level. Highly recommended as the starting point on the BPM journey. Camunda is one of the very few companies in the world that offer such training. It was a unique opportunity.

Maja Ciemienga and Marcel Grossert, Global Enterprise Architects - Pharmaceuticals Industry

Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG

If you work in the environment of BPMN, then you work in Camunda's field of expertise. The knowledge that is provided by the employees in this area is always present. This was my second visit to Camunda's offices in Berlin. I previously experienced their BPMN 2.0 seminar and again during this OCEB certification it was obvious how the course was enriched with a huge level of practical experience in order to make the topic more real. This enables the student to better understand content and background and he is not relegated to mind-numbing memorising. This may also be regarded as an essential factor in order to successfully complete the certification exam. All in all yet again confirmation to use the services of Camunda even outside of set training requirements.

Peter Scherzer, Applications - Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG

HOMA pumps
The two courses "BPMN 2.0" and "OCEB Fundamental" did exceed my expectations. I could easily enter into the broad topic of BPM without much prior knowledge. It was fun to model practical example processes under the guidance of expert trainers and to discuss these with the other participants. Camunda has definitely made sure that I will extensively study the topic of BPM at work in the future.

Michael Rother, Head of Information Technology - HOMA pumps

CWT connector & wire technology GmbH
The training was the ideal preparation for the OCEB fundamental certification. The content that was necessary for the examination was well structured which provided optimal preparation. Camunda ensures that BPMN is not just another training area, but that BPMN is the foundation for daily work.

Michael Wagner - CWT connector & wire technology GmbH

Lekker Energie GmbH

"The OCEB training was a good preparation for the OCEB certification. The documents are structured in a learner-friendly manner and are exam oriented. The trainer was able to present the sometimes somewhat "dry" themes in a lively manner and deepen the learnings with many exercises. In addition to past exams, I took many interesting new insights away with me. Participants who wish to take their exams in Berlin, I recommend signing up for the desired examination date as early as possible to ensure that you can write the exam as soon as possible after the training."


Anke Biethan - Lekker Energie GmbH