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Xeenius, LLC

HQ: Lansdale, United States | Available in: NA,APAC

Xeenius, LLC specializes in providing Digital Experience & Retail Solutions as well as implementation and consulting services. We are niche services and solutions provider within the Oracle applications and technologies world. We are also expanding our footprint within the emerging technologies such as No SQL and Big Data Management solutions. 
Our consulting philosophy is very technology agnostic which results in the best possible solution for the client and encourages out of the box thinking. To this end, we partner with select product companies to extend technology stacks and provide strategic solutions. We are also developing our own integration platform which provides a unified gateway to a scalable architecture. There are several modules within our product that can be extended and strengthened with a strong BPM solution. 
Camunda solution is based on Java which dovetails perfectly with our core expertise as well our ability to deliver services within a BPM and Integration Universe. 


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