Premium Consulting

Our experienced senior consultants will gladly support you both onsite and via remote consulting to introduce Camunda BPM as well as BPMN, CMMN and DMN to your team. Typical examples of our consulting services include:

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Strong Partners

If you need extensive professional services, e.g. for larger implementation projects, we can put you in touch with our Camunda-certified service providers.

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Proof of Concept Workshop (3-5 days)

A very popular option is our compact PoC workshops where you will be introduced to process modeling with BPMN, rules modeling with DMN and the technical implementation with Camunda BPM – using a process of your choice, in your technical environment, at your offices.

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Creation of a fictitious target process according to your specifications. The process is modeled directly in BPMN 2.0 and the standard is thus instantly taught to all participants. The participants are ideally from business departments as well as IT (software development). The Camunda consultant acts simultaneously as trainer, presenter and modeler. At the end of the design phase (often 2 days), a BPMN process model has been designed that is easy to understand for all participants and can be directly executed.


The technical implementation of the target process is performed by your employees – the Camunda consultant acts merely as an accompanying coach and contact in regards to specific technical questions. This ensures that your developers can actually asses whether and at what expense the existing technical requirements can be implemented. A typical example here is the prototypical connection to internal systems.


At the end of the workshop you will have a running prototype. This will be presented to all interested stakeholders and the employees involved can give their assessment in terms of the usability and performance of Camunda BPM. This allows a profound decision to be made regarding the use of Camunda BPM for your company.

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