Overview Trainings

These training courses will show you the bigger picture of working with the BPM-Trio and Camunda BPM.

BPM-Trio Overview 2 days
Camunda BPM Overview 1 day
OCEB Training 2 days

Modeling Trainings

Gain a holistic overview of the BPM-Trio (BPMN, DMN, CMMN) that make BPM so valuable.

BPMN Training 3 days
CMMN Training 1 day
DMN Training 1 day

Developer Trainings

These technical trainings provide you all the skills you need to start automating your business processes successfully with Camunda BPM.

Camunda BPM for Java Developers 3 days
Camunda BPM for Developers (language independent) NEW 3 days
Camunda DevOps 2 days
Activiti Migration 1 day
Camunda BPM Online self paced
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