The State of Process Automation 2022 - See How Organizations are Driving Business Growth, Generating ROI

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Camunda Best Practices Resource Center

Everything You Need To Take Your Camunda Project From Proof-of-Concept To Fully Operational

Get your Camunda projects off to a flying start with the Camunda Best Practices Resource Center. 

Developed and maintained by Camunda’s expert consulting team, these condensed notes for using BPMN and DMN on Camunda Platform offer a blueprint to success followed by other successful automation projects. 

This practical, real-life, project-oriented approach is designed to help you avoid common mistakes and ensure your end-to-end process automation conforms with international standards.

This collection includes: 

  • Comprehensive guides organized by topic and project stakeholder
  • A Customer Success Path guiding you step-by-step through your first automation project
  • Advice on project management gleaned from years of on the ground experience
  • Guidance on tackling key decision points along your automation journey