Deciding About Your Tasklist

Before developing a new application with Camunda, you must make up your mind, how exactly you want to let your users work on their tasks and interact with the process engine. Decide for one of the routes described below: you can use Camunda tasklist, develop your own custom tasklist/application or integrate with a pre-existing third party tasklist. In case you are in a greenfield project and still undecided, use the tasklist application shipped with Camunda.
Deciding About Your Tasklist
Camunda Tasklist
Third Party Tasklist

A customizable and brandable tasklist shipped with Camunda

A tasklist developed by yourself and adapted to your needs without compromise

Pre-existing application providing some kind of tasklist, hooked up to work with Camunda

Simple Out-Of-The-Box Usage

Extensive Customization

Influence on User Acceptance

Proven usability of Camunda Tasklist for task management.

Tasks are inside your custom application, following your styleguide and usability concept.

Tasks are inside your existing tasklist, allowing an easier rollout as end-users might not recognize any change


Shared Engine

Everything possible, depends on your third party application characteristics

Embedded Engine

(with custom war overlay)

Remote Engine

(with custom proxy or restricted standalone webapp)

Development Effort



Depends on third-party application


Frontend: HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap
Backend: JAX-RS

Freedom of choice among any user interface development framework of any programming language

Technology of existing tasklist application

Required Skills

Start without any special knowledge, do more with plain HTML and do almost anything with Javascript, JQuery and AngularJS

Depends on the skills required by the framework of your choice

Java and REST to hook up Camunda, everything else depends on your third party tasklist application characteristics

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