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Fully realize the advantages of process automation while avoiding the most common pitfalls of implementation.
As a new employee of Camunda, Nik Hewitt shares his first impressions of the opportunities for process orchestration and of CamundaCon 2024
We're excited to announce the July 2024 alpha release of Camunda. Check out what's new, including a new Code view, accessibility improvements, better OpenShift support, and more.
Reduce fraud, improve compliance and offer customers a better experience by leveraging AI and ML.
Maximize the ROI of business automation with a clear strategy, the right tools, and continuous improvement.
Learn how to use the Camunda 8 JavaScript SDK for Node.js in an AWS Lambda function to interact with Camunda SaaS.
Optimize your business processes by understanding and acting on the data from process instances.
Enhance engagement, improve support, and speed up response times with customer experience automation.
Free up services, give yourself clarity, and implement change fast with end-to-end process orchestration.

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