Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study reveals Camunda customers see a 389% ROI

  • How Deloitte Digitizes Tax and Legal Consultations...

    Is it possible to digitize consultations with tax and legal experts in order to seamlessly guide decision-makers towards consistent and compliant decisions?

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  • Testing DMN Tables Automatically

    One key feature of DMN tables is that they enable business people to provide Business Rules in an intuitive way – like creating an Excel sheet. As a developer you get the DMNs and you integrate them into the BPMN-Process. But how can you make sure that DMN works as expected? With this in mind I started the DMN Table Tester Project with these main goals: Test the DMNs that I get from businesses, even without knowing the exact rules. Learning more about DMN Tables🤓. Playing with interesting technologies😀. Interested? Then let me show you how it works with this simple DMN: Configure your Test The Tester provides a simple User Interface that lets you define a DMN Test in...

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  • How to chain decisions with DRDs

    Happy Birthday DMN DMN has proven to be a very popular and well adopted standard for describing and executing business rules. It’s uptake among Camunda users alone has been very impressive, especially considering it’s a standard that’s only about a year old. It’s popularity has given us the perfect excuse to implement even more elements of the standard. In fact since we first started to support it, we’ve been asked about when we intend to implement DRDs (Decision Requirements Diagram). With the release of Camunda 7.6 we’ve done just that. This post is simply a way of showing how to use DRDs and is especially relevant if you’re already familiar with DMN tables. Assignment Use Case DMN has become a...

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