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Category: Engineering
Introducing Zeebe-Process-Test featured in the 1.3.0 release. Learn how you can unit test BPMN processes for Camunda Cloud and Zeebe.
Learn how BuyBay worked with Camunda to enable more efficient operations of the reselling journey and automate key decision-making tasks. 
Learn how using Camunda’s process engine in your Java application will make development easier and save you time.
Wondering how to make a SSO implementation work in Camunda? Have no fear. The answer you've been waiting for is here!
Discover how our latest Camunda Platform Runtime 7.16.0 release introduces a new Quarkus Extension allowing you to add an embedded process engine.
Learn how to use Camunda Optimize to find and solve your bottlenecks with business processes, and apply best practices from the manufacturing industry.
Follow how our product vision has evolved to help our customers achieve their business objectives with automation and orchestration.
Instead of dramatic, rip-and-replace events, Camunda CEO Jakob Freund describes how gradual digital transformation can be a more practical and strategic path to automation.