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Category: Process Orchestration
See how NatWest accelerated their process automation and orchestration, even as their usage grew, with a CoE using Camunda.
Over half of software projects fail. A well-planned and executed POC makes a difference, and this post will help show you how to plan yours.
How can AI and automation help you improve your business processes? Learn how AI can effectively enable process orchestration.
In this series, you'll learn how to go from planning your Camunda POC, to executing it, to measuring and enabling its success.
Explore real-life examples and learn how workflow automation can streamline both simple and complex processes for maximum efficiency.
Process orchestration is critical to achieving automation goals. Learn more about the state of process orchestration today and how to accelerate it in 2024.
What is a decision engine? Why is a decision engine important? Learn how they work in this guide.
Get a quick overview of what Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is, what workflows should look like, and the technologies you’ll need to get started.
Learn some of the benefits of using CI/CD on your projects in this deep dive.