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Category: Process Orchestration
To avoid limiting the returns of your investment into automation, center your development approach around humans. Here's how.
Learn why SüdLeasing, a major German financial services institution, is setting up all their new processes in Camunda Platform 8 SaaS.
Learn how we successfully reduced Zeebe's process execution latency with batch processing during a recent hackday.
Check out the highlights from our recent webinar, where we break down the 2023 State of Process Orchestration report.
Learn about the benefits of a microservices architecture, the overall pros and cons of microservices, and when you should use them.
Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of using Orchestration or Choreography for your microservice architecture.
Learn why Atlassian turned to process orchestration to hyperautomate their tech stack with Camunda and deliver improved customer and employee experiences.
Learn about what hyperautomation is, why it's important and how you can think about applying it to your organization today.