• How to Find NullPointerExceptions for Process Variables During Build Time

    The viadee Process Application Validator (vPAV) was released well over a year ago on GitHub in order to check the interplay of models and code as part of a CI build. Since then vPAV has gained traction and more features were developed. It also provides extensibility to create your own set of checkers. The major release version 3.0.0 comes with many new features, such as a revamped HTML report, inheritance of rules, multiple instantiations of checkers with varying configurations, remote location of process models, multi-language support and most of all a reworked ProcessVariableModelChecker (see release notes). Process Variable Flow Validation For the better part of the last two months, the ProcessVariableModelChecker has been reworked to finally lift the experimental status...

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  • viadee Process Application Validator

    Process applications basically consist of process model(s) and Java code which both exist side by side and are edited in different tools. For the process models you will most likely use the Camunda Modeler, for the Java code the IDE of your choice. However, no one checks whether model and code are aligned beforehand, e.g. if a bean referenced in a delegate expression actually exists in the code. With the viadee Process Application Validator (vPAV, Open-Source), you can validate your process application regarding these inconsistencies with a simple JUnit test. You can also ensure that specific best-practices are met (e.g. naming conventions). If you feel addressed by now, we might give it a try. It is as easy as adding...

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