After a long night spent on the hard benches of an Italian suburban airport (the flight was postponed until the next day) and extensive discussions with airline staff, the idea for flightright was born. Most passengers who experience delays, cancellations or overbookings on behalf of the airlines are left feeling helpless and unsure of what to do. To many, the thought of entering into expensive legal battles and claims requests with large aviation companies seems intimidating, especially if they lack the knowledge and means to do so. At flightright, we aim to solve this problem by combining our diverse technical and legal know-how to help passengers understand their rights and enforce their claims at eye level. Our unique company based out of Potsdam, Germany was funded with the help of the European Regional Development Fund, and we actively support the passenger rights campaign of the European Commission.


Camunda BPM is the ideal solution: Firstly, it allows a seamless integration of process automation with non-procedural Use Cases for the case management, in order for us to optimally interlock structural and non-structural processes. And secondly, the consequent usage of BPMN in the execution and process conception is a guarantee for a constant business-IT alignment, in requirements engineering as well as during the running operation.

-Marek Janetzke