Sony DADC New Media Solutions

Putting music in everyones ears by orchestrating digital supply chain modules.

Sony DADC New Media Solutions (Marina Del Rey, California) is providing digital supply chain solutions to customers in the media industry. We are delivering every format for every device across all channels - enabling every consumption model from traditional purchases and downloads to cloud streaming, online lockers, and social music communities.


The Camunda BPM platform offered us a solution for orchestrating our digital supply chain modules in a very efficient and lightweight way using BPMN as a modelling language to align business analysts and developers. The ability of designing and implementing new workflows within hours, plugging in external / cloud services into existing business processes and the option to scale on multiple process engines was key for us in order to go ahead with this product. Integration in the existing environment worked out to be straightforward, also due to Camunda’s great support via onsite consultant services when we kicked off the migration project. Every new workflow implementation surprises again with its simplicity and elegance.

- Thomas Winkler, Senior Manager Digital Content Services

Success Story
Camunda BPM at Sony DADC New Media Solutions

Use Case -

Operational transparency thanks to BPMN

Provide business analysts and operations with a better insight into the implemented processes and their current execution.