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Allianz came to Indonesia in 1981 via a representative office which in 1989 became PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia. In 1996, Allianz expanded to become PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia and today offers best in class products and services.


We have never once questioned our decision to adopt Camunda BPM as a platform and make Camunda our BPM partner. Our developers could implement all necessary specifications very quickly. Our transition to the BPM world was successful and without any problems. And this is due to the excellent project support provided by Camunda from 10000 km away and across 6 time zones. These are the points that make Camunda one of our most valued suppliers:

  • definite commitments, that are kept at all times
  • clear communication, especially when problems arise
  • quick responses to all questions and inquiries
  • flexible project support, for example process review, coaching by remote sessions and on-site consulting

Our IT-management team as well as our developers agree that adopting this lightweight process engine with its excellent performance was the right decision.

-Jörg Sauer, Head of Application Development

Case Study: Allianz

Since 2012 Allianz Indonesia is using the Camunda BPM platform for the execution of their core insurance processes.

This case study describes the implementation of the project from evaluating and selecting an appropriate BPM product, the challenges during project implementation to the automation of business processes with Camunda BPM.