Finaxis Bank is one of the leading experts in Fund Services for the Brazilian Market.

Our investment servicing business provides a wide range of support, from core custody, accounting, fund administration and shareholder recordkeeping to complete investment operations outsourcing solutions and servicing for complex alternative assets.

Formed in 2010 with the goal to provide structured financial solutions for different types of customers and business segments, the Bank has emerged as an important provider of Fund solutions in the Market. According to UQBAR consultancy, Finaxis was the fastest growing company in three different categories: Structuring, Administration and Custody of Receivable Mutual Funds.


Traditionally, the main factor for adherence to BPMN, DMN and CMMN standards. Regarding the technical requirements, 3 factors stood out: decoupled solution, there is no dependency for the implementation of complementary solutions, ECM for example, an active community, and the known framework in the market promoting a low learning curve (Documentation and Open Source).

-Michel Fernandes, Process Manager