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Powerhouse is an energy-tech company offering a digital utility platform to customers who produce/consume energy and to utilities. For producers/consumers of energy the platform allows them to execute their energy via the digital tooling in the self-service portal and direct market access. For utilities the digital platform allows them to run their business with the cloud based contract-meter-to-cash platform.


“Because of the high variability in market processes in different regulated markets, we decided to go for a workflow solution which can offer flexibility in an easy way. After investigation, Camunda is selected as the solution to use for modelling business processes within our SaaS platform. Camunda has a big community and offers the flexibility we need for a multitenant platform. Also in combination with our custom platform adapters, Camunda enables our partners to develop and implement faster. We are looking forward to explore Optimize as well.”

– Jorn Oosterwijk, Powerhouse, Lead Product Owner