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Provinzial Insurance Dusseldorf is part of the Sparkassen Finance Group and operates as a regional agency in the administrative districts of Dusseldorf, Cologne, Trier and Koblenz. It works in the field of private customer car, liability and household insurance. Its customers include companies from industry, trade and services as well as public sector organizations. In 2009, about 5.8 million insurance contracts were completed at the Provinzial Rhineland, including 4.5 million damage and accident insurance and more than 1.2 million life insurances. This results in a total gross premium income of € 2.254 million. The Provinzial Rhineland has approximately 650 offices and 2.600 employees (as of 2009).


Camunda BPM is a fitting piece in our existing IT infrastructure. Its integration is flexible and allows the implementation of all conceivable extensions. The low learning curve for developers, good support and the existing open-source community further encouraged our choice. The necessary migration of MQ Workflow is sure to be a success.

-Tobias Malzkorn, Teamlead