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Vodafone Germany

Vodafone Germany is the largest national company in the Vodafone Group — one of the largest telecommunications groups in the world. In fact, every second German is a Vodafone customer, with 49.6 million mobile phone cards, almost 11 million broadband and 14 million television customers. Vodafone employees 16,000 people in Germany and generates revenues of almost 13 billion euros.


One of the greatest benefits of this project has been the close cooperation between business and IT fostered by business-process-centered communications between the teams. Michael Völler, Head of Project and Demand Management OTELO and Branded Reseller Business, Vodafone

Success Story
Camunda BPM at Vodafone Germany

Vodafone Germany’s OTELO and Branded Reseller Businesses transformed from multiple monoliths to a cloud-based infrastructure orchestrated with Camunda — creating an omnichannel layer to orchestrate the end-to-end customer journey, greatly improving the customer experience, all while continuing to ship product increments.