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Financially strong, award-winning products and high service standards

The WWK insurance group is a substantial, innovative and independent financial service provider. Founded in 1884 under the name of Witwen- und Waisen-Unterstützungscassa des Bayerischen Verkehrsbeamten-Verein (WWUK), the Munich-based company is now one of the top 25 life insurers in Germany.

WWK is a mutual insurance company. This legal structure corresponds like no other to the idea of mutual help that is characteristic for the insurance industry: Everybody is bearing one another’s burdens. This motto is also strongly reflected in the corporate philosophy of WWK. Furthermore, WWK as a mutual insurance company is completely owned by and therefore only liable to its customers, i.e. the policyholders, and thus operates independent from any shareholder interests.


After the proof of concept, we are convinced that Camunda will represent a solid platform which will give our analysts and engineers a useful tool-kit for automating our business processes. On the one hand it allows us to design lean processes together with our insurance service team. On the other hand it enables us to integrate our heterogeneous applications in an effective and efficient way. Our main aim is to put into practice the digital strategy of WWK.

-Werner Rothleitner, IT-Architect