Announcing Camunda

Live-Demo am 04. August: Camunda im Überblick


The Government conducts policy, manages the Government’s Administration and holds executive and regulatory powers.

The Government is comprised by the President and the Ministers. It is politically accountable to the Parliament, without „prejudice of direct responsibility each one of its Ministers may have due to his or her own management“.

The permanent headquarters of the Catalan Government are in the City of Barcelona, with its bodies, services and branches located around Catalonia in accordance with decentralisation, de-concentration and task coordination criteria.

All Rulings, Regulations and Acts approved either by the Government or the Government will be published in the Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia.

This publication is valid for the purposes of all functions and the implementation of General Regulations and Rules set by the Government. In relation to the publication issued by the Official State Bulletin, it should comply with the applicable regulations of the State.