Announcing Camunda

Live-Demo am 04. August: Camunda im Überblick


The IHK-GfI is the joint technology- and competency-center for service-oriented business- and e-government applications for all of the 80 regional chambers of industry and commerce in Germany as well as their umbrella organization, the German chamber of industry and commerce in Berlin. For 40 years now we have been the contact for all chambers of industry and commerce in relation to questions revolving around information management.


We chose Camunda BPM as a basis for our product „EVA case management“, as it benefits from several significant advantages over other open source projects, e.g. Activiti. From the technical point of view, the seamless integration of Camunda BPM in Java EE-based enterprise scenarios (in our case inside a Glassfish application server) is a major advantage. This integration leads to several unique selling points of Camunda BPM, like the multi tenancy solution we need, Java EE conformant deployment of process applications and an improved management of asynchronous jobs (e.g. timer-driven events). During the implementation and operation of our product, we additionally benefit from the extensive BPM experiences and competences by Camunda.

-Markus Stecher, Director Product Development, IHK Gesellschaft für Informationsverarbeitung mbH