Announcing Camunda

CamundaCon 2021 - Themen rund um Prozessautomatisierung

Virtuelle Konferenz am 22. & 23. September 2021
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Launched in 2008 with a mission to revolutionize advertising, Mirriad’s patented computer vision technology creates a new standard in advertising where a brand integration is an affordable, scalable ad unit running in multiple pieces of content. The resulting ads are seamless, authentic, and work across all three screens. In 2013, an important aspect of our imaging technology won an Academy Award.

Mirriad has deals with major US studios and has worked with top broadcasters in over 20 countries. It’s also the chosen native ad solution for Vevo, the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, whose videos generate over 5.5 billion monthly views globally. Mirriad has offices in London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai.


By introducing Camunda into our architecture we are enabling operations to sleep – when our London team is sleeping and our Shanghai team starts their work day, all the tasks are lined up for them, allowing for the most efficient use of time.

Andy Major, IT Consultant