Announcing Camunda

Live-Demo am 04. August: Camunda im Überblick


Swiss Life Germany is a leading provider of pensions and financial solutions. With multiple award-winning products and qualified advisors, the company is a premium provider in the German market.


Camunda BPM helps us implement our digitalization and automation strategy. We are therefore able to provide a modern and future-oriented workflow platform for our customers, business partners and employees. The main advantages of using Camunda BPM at Swiss Life Germany are:

  • The components can be integrated well into our IT landscape and our DevOps procedures given the open and modern architecture.
  • The standards BPMN, CMMN and DMN ensure a continuous communication between business and IT.
  • With an open source platform, the community and direct support from the Camunda team, we have very efficient communication paths available for questions and problems.

-Markus Schimmer, Software Architect