Tarragona Provincial Council is an institution in Spain as part of the local administration and is endowed with certain administrative powers for the government and administration of the province of Tarragona.


After a few years with Activiti, we have followed the alternatives closely, especially Camunda, given that we evaluated a possible change through other parallel projects like Ocelot BPMS. Camunda’s potential and roadmap convinced us, being its base and its extensions very reliable. The new BPMN.io modeler, the recent adoption of the new standards such as DMN and CMMN and also the complimentary applications Cockpit and Tasklist, made Camunda even more appealing to our needs. As of today, we are developing our new platform with important changes, our new modeler is using BPMN.io as a base, adding changes to the diagrams in order to use a single BPMN.xml document with all our own extensions (element templates), including the Camunda engine uncoupled from the application.