Join our largest event of the year | CamundaCon 2022 October 5-6

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Upcoming Events, Conferences & Webinars

Whether you want to meet us remotely or in person, please take a look at our upcoming events.
We look forward to meeting you!

Where to meet us

NDC Sydney 2022
October 10 – 13, 2022
Sydney, Australia
Annie Talvasto, Camunda’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, will talk about how to manage your Kubernetes clusters effectively, perform the demos & share more about green software development.
Chapter: Berlin. CI/CD pipelines with Camunda
October 25, 2022
Imagine a world where you could deliver the perfect application with just one click. Join Capital BPM, a Camunda gold partner in this exciting field as they discuss how modernizing ci/cd pipelines can make everything easier by keeping Camunda up-2-date, while also making sure rules stay on top. We’ll also cover some of the best practices that can be applied in any programming paradigm!
TechBash 2022
November 8 – 11, 2022
Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, United States
This compact and demo-filled talk will give you ideas and inspiration that you can 1) discover new technologies and tools to use in your future projects as well as 2) be the coolest kid in the block, by being up to date with the latest and greatest.
  • Camunda Community Summit 2022

    Camunda Community Summit 2022

    Videos from April 28, 2022

    All sessions from day 3 are now available as recordings, so you can catch any sessions you may have missed (or rewatch your favorites again and again).
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  •  CamundaCon 2021 Highlights Video

    CamundaCon 2021 Highlights Video

    CamundaCon LIVE 2021 took place on September 22nd and 23rd, 2021. This virtual event was packed with discussions about process orchestration trends, digital transformation initiatives, and the future of the industry.
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  • Meet-ups

    Camunda meet-ups

    There are already a variety of meet-ups organized by community members worldwide to share insights on workflow automation, microservices, business process management and other industry topics. Whether you are a developer, architect, IT manager or just interested in the field, you are always welcome to join!
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