Call for Presentations

Share your Camunda success story!

Join our global community and get your Camunda story out there! Share insights on how you are using Camunda including its benefits, challenges you’ve overcome, and lessons learned along the way.

The benefits of sharing your insights are many! Not only will you build your personal network and represent your organization, you will also gain helpful feedback and tips from other users who share similar challenges to you.

Who Is My Audience?
Attendees at Camunda events typically include process automation experts, software developers, software architects and IT executives of all levels.

What Should I Present?
Camunda events have a mix of slides and demos, panel discussions and even some live hacking. Presentation topics vary from architectural approaches, cool use cases examples and tips to building an automation platform. Most presentations are typically 30 minutes, let us know what you are thinking in terms of a presentation format and topics. Need inspiration? Check out some the past sessions we’ve hosted over the years.

Diversity of Community
We strive to make our events a reflection of the diversity in our global community, featuring speakers from different backgrounds, genders, and geographic locations, in addition to a variety of organizations.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with your CFP, contact