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A few years ago, Camunda BPM was launched as an open source platform for developer-friendly BPM. Since then, hundreds of organizations around the globe have replaced their proprietary BPMS products or homegrown workflow tech with Camunda.

What began as an alternative for legacy technology, has evolved into a broader movement: Workflow automation is increasingly being recognized as an essential part of any digital business. Whether you’re in the finance, telco, media or e-commerce industry, automating core business processes is your organization’s strategic ambition. This trend is converging with the growing preference for microservices over big monoliths, and the rise of event-driven architectures: Workflow automation plays a crucial role to ensure the reliable and visible execution of business processes across all microservices involved, no matter if they communicate via request/response calls or via publish/subscribe using an event bus.

CamundaCon is the most relevant event for software developers, architects and IT executives who want to learn about workflow and decision automation. It rallies the global Camunda community to share best practices, get product updates and inspiration, and discuss their requirements and ideas directly with the Camunda core engineers.

Last but not least, attending CamundaCon is also a great opportunity to discover Berlin and experience its unique lifestyle.

Welcome to CamundaCon!

CamundaCon Crowd CamundaCon Terrace


Day 1 - Thursday, September 20
10:30 am The (Re-)Emergence of Workflow Automation (Keynote) | Jakob Freund, CEO
11:00 am The Camunda Stack: Status Quo and Further Roadmap | Daniel Meyer, VP of Engineering
11:30 am Panel Discussion: The Present and Future of Workflow Automation | Hosted by Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director at MWDAdvisors.
12:00 pm Lunch
Case Studies Track
Main Hall
Tutorials and Community Extensions Track
Room 5th Floor
1:30 pm A Global Workflow Infrastructure | Goldman Sachs Camunda Modeler Property Info Plugin | UMB
2:20 pm Our Journey to the Digital World of Insurance | Talanx Camunda Talks Nicely with Others | Camunda
3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm Process Extensions in a Distributed Environment | Kuehne + Nagel Cawemo: Collaborating on Workflow Automation | Camunda
4:20 pm Ramping up: Camunda BPM and Optimize | Visana Custom Batch Extension | Kuehne + Nagel, Holisticon
5:00 pm Evening Reception
Day 2 - Friday, September 21
9:00 am The Role of Workflows in Microservices | Bernd Rücker, Co-Founder and Developer Advocate
9:40 am Powering Digital Content Distribution | Universal Music Community Discussion: „What‘s missing from Camunda?“
10:30 am Workflow Automation at Scale | 24Hour Fitness How to combine Camunda with RPA | Camunda
11:10 am Break
11:30 am Stakeholder Perspectives with Camunda | Vodafone Cognitive Request Routing | BP3
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Camunda In A Heterogeneous Cluster | Generali Big Workflow in Action: Zeebe Live Hacking | Camunda
2:20 pm Profile Print and Explorative Data Mining | Duni, viadee Using Zeebe with Spring Boot and Apache Camel | Holisticon
3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm Mastering debt recovery processes | EOS Extension to build and evaluate process variants | Daniel Hilpoltsteiner
4:20 pm Rule-Based Data Processing with DMN and Camunda | GVL Best of Camunda Hackdays | Camunda
5:00 pm Closing remarks, BBQ and Boat Trips on the Spree


CamundaCon 2018 will be held at the Radialsystem Berlin.

Holzmarktstraße 33
10243 Berlin

At this fin-de-siècle brick building, sublime industrial architecture meets an attitude that promotes transparency and cool modernism, while encountering the playfulness of trial and error.

Located directly at the river Spree in Berlin’s vibrant city center, we will be enjoying our breaks and happy hour reception on the terrace and will head out for boat trips as part of the wrap-up party on Friday night.