Annual Camunda User Conference
September 20-21, 2018 | Berlin

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Rule-Based Data Processing with DMN and Camunda

Friday, September 21, 4:20 pm

Presented by David Hammer, Robert Breske

The GVL aggregates millions of usage reports for musical and cinematographic works from various sources every year. To cope with this amount of incoming data, a transparent and audit-proof data aggregation system was desired to be built. The solution was a DMN rule-based approach embedded in camunda's proccess engine framework, altogether with an audit-proof storage of the process history data. This system is capable of simulating the process flow for any processed data record at any later point in time, in case of a need for revision or validation. The GVL currently runs this scalable system with a troughput of more than one million daily process instances.


David Hammer is a business architect at GVL, with more than 15 years of overall experience in the media industry. He is supporting various teams with the definition and the development of their workflows and business rules. He considers himself an expert in data quality management and workflow execution. He is a practitioner of Camunda since 2016, when he got the opportunity to work in a workflow automation project, which was pivotal for his company in its shift towards workflow automation.

Robert Breske is a developer and software consultant specialized in workflow automation and software development processes. He has well over 5 years of experience working in projects for companies from various industries, including automotive, travel, public services and media. He is currently employed at cimt ag, where he is responsible for fortifying their business process management branch.