Annual Camunda User Conference
September 20-21, 2018 | Berlin

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Profile Print and Explorative Data Mining

Thursday, September 21, 2:20 pm

Presented by Fritz Ulrich

Every day Duni is helping its customers create what we like to call “goodfoodmood” where people meet, eat and drink together. Custom printed napkins and table accessories are essential for many restaurants, caterers and companies to showcase their atmosphere and build their brand identity. Duni reengineered its custom print process using the possibilities of workflow automation. The duration of the process is driven by customer artwork requirements and hard to predict.

The process data generated by Duni is used by viadee, in an R+D project, for explorative data mining based on and statistical computing language R focusing on “explainable AI”.

In this presentation, you will learn how Duni reengineered its process and how Camunda instance data can be used to predict the future.


Fritz Ulrich, process improvement specialist. Working for Duni since 2013. Responsible for Camunda and Business Process Management.