Annual Camunda User Conference
September 20-21, 2018 | Berlin

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Custom Batch Extension

Thursday, September 20, 4:20 pm

Presented by Patrick Schalk, Stefan Becke

Do you know Camunda batch and have you ever tried to create your own custom batch with Camunda BPM? Well, we did and it was very time consuming and quite complex. There isn’t really a public API for such things. You have to work at the lowest (entity) level and take e.g. care that batch configuration is saved to the database table.

That’s why we created the Camunda BPM Custom Batch Extension (

The goal of the extension is to provide a simple way of using the Camunda Batch functionality for your own purposes. In this talk we’ll also show you some examples how we use the extension at Kuehne + Nagel for offloading huge workloads.


Patrick Schalk - I'm a senior consultant and BPM craftsman at Holisticon AG, an IT and Management consulting company in Hamburg, Germany. For five years I've been working in projects with Camunda BPM and I really enjoyed it. I mostly worked with JEE and Spring, but I’m also very interested into Go (the programming language). If I'm not programming, I’m probably off climbing somewhere.

Stefan Becke is working as Lead Architect at Kuehne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG. He has more than 10 years experiences within the software development and a passion for Java/BPM open-source technologies.