Annual Camunda User Conference
September 20-21, 2018 | Berlin

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Camunda Modeler Property Info Plugin

Thursday, September 20, 1:30 pm

Presented by Dirk Budke, Senior Solutions Consultant at UMB

Modeling executable process models with the Camunda Modeler is straight forward and fun. However, when trying to quickly get an understanding of an unknown process or troubleshooting why the process might not work as expected, things can get quite challenging. In particular when the process makes use of all sorts of execution listeners, task listeners, input or output mappings and transaction boundary settings. All of these are not visible in the process diagram and you might be entering the well-known “property hell” by checking all the properties of each and every BPMN element in the Camunda Modeler.

After briefly covering some of the core Camunda process implementation mechanisms we dive into the features of the plugin and how it helps you to avoid the “property hell” and make your life more comfortable. We will also briefly cover how the plugin has been developed and how you can contribute to our open source plugin on Github.


Dirk Budke is a Senior Solutions Consultant at UMB - a certified Camunda partner in Switzerland - and has helped clients in designing and implementing workflow solutions for the last 10 years. He also leads the UMB product development team of the UMB SaaS digitization platform Curo which leverages the Camunda workflow engine.