Annual Camunda User Conference
September 20-21, 2018 | Berlin

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Big Workflow in Action: Zeebe Live Hacking

Friday, September 21, 1:30 pm

Presented by Mike Winters, Bernd Rücker, Felix Müller

In this session, 3 members of the Camunda team will share the stage to show you how to get Zeebe up and running as part of a modern microservices architecture and will demonstrate just how scalable Zeebe really is when it's put to the test.


Mike Winters is a product marketing manager on the Zeebe team at Camunda. He loves working with open source communities and making it easier for companies to adopt emerging technologies. He's also been known to write a blog post from time to time.

Bernd Rücker is a co-founder of Camunda. But foremost he is a software developer and consultant. He's been working with BPM for more than 10 years now and committed in various Open Source Workflow Engines over time. By coaching countless projects he got totally passionate about the whole 'developer friendly BPM' story. When he has some spare time he gives talks at conferences or writes articles and books (e.g. Camunda's Real-Life BPMN book).

Felix Müller is a technical consultant at Camunda. He helps enterprises in a range of industries to run Camunda BPM in production. Ask him about Optimize.