Camunda Days 2019

Meet the team behind Camunda and learn how to make our
product stack work harder for you

Get more out of Camunda

Join your local Camunda Day to learn best practice tips and get the latest product updates and Camunda insights, straight from the team who build it.

We’ll run live-demos so you can see the product stack in action, and our real-life users will share their case studies and deployment stories.

Plus, connect with the global Camunda community, Camunda founders and consultants over breakfast and lunch to discuss your questions and share your personal insights.

Who‘ll be there?

  • Software developers, enterprise architects and IT executives using Camunda in their organizations
  • Camunda founders, managers and consultants

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Date City
June 5 Amsterdam Closed
June 27 New York City Register
September 26 Washington Coming soon
October 15 Warsaw Coming soon
October 29 London Coming soon
November 14 San Francisco Coming soon
November 19 Toronto Coming soon
November 26 Stockholm Coming soon