Camunda BPM 7.13 Release Webinar - Join us Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, 5pm CET/11am ET

Camunda’s VP of Product Management, Rick Weinberg, discusses enhancements and efficiencies in the 7.13 release


Camunda Days 2019

Meet Camunda experts and practitioners and learn how a developer-driven,
open-source-based approach helps you succeed with workflow and decision automation

Learn from Experts and Practitioners

Attend your local Camunda Day and learn from Camunda experts and practitioners:

  • Real-world use cases and implementation examples
  • Principles of developer-friendly workflow and decision automation
  • Implementation best practices
  • Watch it in action: A live demo of Camunda BPM

Who‘ll be there?

  • Software developers, enterprise architects and IT executives using Camunda in their organizations
  • Camunda users, experts, and practitioners

We look forward to seeing you there!

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