Camunda Days 2018

Meet the Camunda Team in various cities to receive valuable best practice tips for your workflow projects as well as updates on the technology stack.

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What to expect

A full day of exciting presentations from both Camunda as well as actual users and customers, Camunda Days are the perfect opportunity to meet the community and get first hand insights and updates.


  • Camunda's Vision and Mission, Product News and Roadmap.
  • Hands-on: Cockpit, Optimize and External Task Patterns.
  • Architecture: Microservice Patterns with Camunda
  • Strategy: How to leverage Camunda in your IT organization
  • Best Practice: Camunda Case Studies
  • Next Generation: Live Demo of Camunda Zeebe
  • Happy Hour: Let's chat, drinks are on us :)


  • Software developers, architects and executives using Camunda in their organization
  • Camunda founders, managers and consultants

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