Local Meetups, organized by our amazing community.

At Camunda, we believe that exchanging ideas and learning about other user experiences is a great source of knowledge for everyone. We truly value our awesome open source community who has taken the initiative to organize regular Meetups to discuss the industry’s latest developments, share code, present company use cases and talk about Camunda’s product contributions.

Want to find the closest Meetup group to you?

There are already a variety of Meetups organized by community members worldwide to share insights on workflow automation, microservices, business process management and other industry topics. Whether you are a developer, architect, IT manager or just interested in the field, you are always welcome to join!

Interested in organizing a Camunda meetup?

If you cannot find a Meetup nearby, why not organize one yourself? If you need support, you can access our organizers guide or contact us via

We can support you in a variety of ways to organize a Meetup:

  • Connect you with fellow users who are interested in attending your Meetup
  • Support you with finding a suitable venue for your event
  • Promote your Meetup groups via our social media channels
  • Provide you with a budget for refreshments

Upcoming Camunda Meetups