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Present your Camunda use case to an excited audience at CamundaCon, one of our Camunda Days or to a local Camunda Usergroup.


Why should I do this?

If you are using Camunda, you certainly have a story to tell: What you are using it for, which benefits you gained, which challenges you had to overcome, what you have learned on the way.

Share these insights with others, and you will be rewarded: You will build your personal network, present your organization as a great place to work or do business with, and you will probably get helpful feedback and tips from other users that are facing similar challenges.

Who's my audience?

Typically, you will be speaking to software developers, software architects and IT executives of all levels.

How should I present?

In whatever way you're comfortable: Some prefer pure powerpoint presentations, others like to get hands-on and give a demo or even do some live hacking. Often, it's a mix of slides and demo. Presentations typically run for 15 to 45 minutes.

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