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AI-enabled process orchestration

Better, faster end-to-end orchestrated processes

Realize the full potential of AI in your enterprise

Enable AI to become a force multiplier with Camunda. Amplify your team’s efficiency, while delivering new levels of excellence to your customers and driving substantial business transformation with AI-powered process orchestration.

Fast track to orchestrated processes

It’s not just about keeping pace; it’s about setting the pace. Boost productivity for both IT and business users with a common modeling language and Modeler’s rapidly evolving AI-powered Copilot and assistants. You’ll unlock faster and more efficient end-to-end process modeling with Modeler suggestions and accelerate workflows with an AI assisted Form Builder. Get the answers you need quickly with AI-powered search capability across Camunda’s knowledge resources. 

Orchestrate AI tools and services

Turn local AI implementations into a holistic strategy. Eliminate silos and quickly orchestrate AI services and machine learning models into your end-to-end business processes so you can adapt faster to changing customer expectations, market conditions, and regulations. Leverage out-of-the-box AI Connectors, like OpenAI and Hugging Face, and AI-enabled blueprints to jump start your journey to AI-enabled processes, or create your own Connectors and blueprints and reuse them across your organization.

Intelligent execution and optimization

Go beyond automation and fully leverage the power of AI to uncover hidden value, identify opportunities, and continuously improve and transform the very workflows that define your success. Combine machine learning algorithms and your organization’s process execution data to uncover valuable insights and trends to streamline operations, reduce costs, and elevate customer experience.

Unlock faster and more efficient end-to-end process modeling

Transform your business processes with the intelligence they deserve and the agility they require. With Camunda, you can embed decision intelligence into your core processes and ensure security, adaptability, and the freedom of vendor choice

CTO Daniel Meyer talks about taking it to the next level with AI at CamundaCon Berlin

Fast-track to orchestrated processes

Modeler suggestions
AI-assisted Form Builder

AI endpoint orchestration

AI Connectors

AI-enabled blueprints

Intelligent execution and optimization

ML-ready dataset

AI decision gateway (coming soon)

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