Camunda BPM 7.10 Release Webinar in English

What to expect

Camunda BPM 7.10 will be released on November 30, 2018 !

In this webinar, we are going to present and demonstrate the most exciting improvements and give an update about community activities.


* Support for using Camunda BPM with Java 8 and above
* External Tasks: Handling Errors in BPMN, Fetch and Lock Tasks based on Tenants and Process Definitions
* History Cleanup: Support Cleanup across process hierarchies (subprocesses)
* New Community Extensions, e.g. the embedded forms generator

Daniel Meyer (VP of Engineering) and Jakob Freund (CEO) are looking forward to providing this update and answering all your questions. If you cannot make it to the live session, just sign up and receive the link to the recording afterwards.


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