Camunda Question Corner

What to expect

Are questions about Camunda keeping you up at night? This is the interactive webinar you need! We’re very happy to announce that this time our special guest will be Tim Schuppener from the Camunda Cloud team.

In this new series, hosted by Niall and Nele, we take your questions and throw them at Camunda experts. Then we watch as the experts try to find the right answer. Each session is split between pre-prepared questions and live questions from the audience. As well as answering questions on all things Camunda-related, feel free to ask questions based on panelists’ specialist topics. You can find the recordings of the previous webinar volumes HERE.

Please add your questions prior to the event to Slido:

Webinar Date: Thursday, July 9th, 2020, 4pm CET/9am ET

This week’s special guest:

Tim Schuppener, Engineering Manager, Camunda
Specialist Topic: Camuna Cloud

This week will be hosted by:
Niall Deehan, Developer Advocate for Camunda
Specialist Topic: Roman History (38 BCE ~ 400 CE)

Nele Uhlemann, Consultant, Camunda
Specialist Topic: Environmentalism

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