Camunda Optimize 2.4 Release Webinar in English

What to expect

Camunda Optimize 2.4 was released on 29 March 2019.

In this webinar we will present a number of new, exciting features of Optimize 2.4 including:

• DMN Reports which allow users to quickly identify unused or heavily used rules so that they can subsequently improve their decision tables
• User Task Reports which allow process owners to track how much time is spend working on tasks and how much time is being used until the first assignment
• Reports & Dashboards in Collections which make it easier to find the report or dashboard you are looking for
• Clustering which allows you to run multiple Optimize instances in parallel so that you can scale horizontally (e.g. for failover scenarios)
• Support for Elasticsearch 6.2.0+, 6.3.1+, 6.4.0+, 6.5.0+ to give more flexibility when it comes to choosing an Elasticsearch version


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