Terms for the participation in the Camunda partner program for system integrators


The following conditions come into effect automatically as soon as a company (hereinafter ‘partner’) has sent an application to participate in the Camunda partner program for system integrators and Camunda has confirmed the participation.

Camunda can unilaterally adjust the following conditions. In this case, the partner will be notified by Camunda in writing (by email) no later than 8 weeks prior to the adaptations coming into effect.

1 Presentation as a Camunda partner

Camunda will list the partner and logo on the camunda.com website as an official partner. Form and content of the presentation are at the discretion of Camunda.

2 Participation in public training

Camunda offers public training about BPM-related topics. Permanent employees of the partner are allowed to participate in such seminars at a discount of 30%. Registrations of appropriate staff will only be accepted via the respective online form on Camunda.com.

3 Referral Fees

3.1 The partner can refer potential customers (“leads”) for the Camunda BPM Enterprise Edition to Camunda by filling in the appropriate online form.

3.2 The partner ensures that the contact person specified in the referral form may be contacted by Camunda for sales purposes. Camunda will evaluate and if appropriate confirm the referral in a timely manner.

3.3 Commission is set at 10% of the annual fee for the first contract year of a Camunda BPM Enterprise subscription. This can only be claimed if

  • Camunda has confirmed the reported lead in writing (via email). Camunda can grant or deny this confirmation at its discretion. Camunda will deny to confirm, if the lead is already a Camunda customer or sales communication between Camunda or a Camunda partner and the lead in regards to Camunda BPM does already exist at the time of notification.
  • Camunda wins the lead within 12 months after notification as a new customer.
  • The new customer has actually paid the fee for the first year of the contract and Camunda has received the payment. In this case Camunda will pay out the appropriate commission within 30 days to the partner.

4 Free use of Camunda Enterprise Platform

4.1 The partner will receive free access to the Camunda Enterprise Platform for sales purposes (showcases, prototypes etc.).

4.2 Usage for other purposes, especially the productive use for internal processes or customer solutions, is explicitly excluded and allowed only if it has been agreed upon in a specific contract.

5 Certification of employees

5.1 The partner can certify permanent employees by Camunda. Any possible examination fee must be borne by the partner.

5.2 If at least 3 permanent employees of the partner were successfully certified, the partner will be recognized as a “Certified Partner” by Camunda. This recognition is subject to the condition that at least 3 permanent employees must be certified at any given time.

5.3 Partners with the status “Certified Partner” are displayed accordingly on the camunda.com website and may use the corresponding logo provided by Camunda in their marketing material.

6 Use of logos and brand names

6.1 The partner receives the right to use the Camunda logo and brand name for the duration of this agreement.

6.2 Camunda receives the right to use the partner’s logo and brand name for the duration of this agreement.

6.3 The use of the respective logos and brand names may only be used to illustrate the relationship between the partner and Camunda.

7 Exclusion of services for Camunda Community Platform

For the duration of this agreement and 12 months after its termination, the partner will not offer any products or solutions based on the freely available Camunda Community Platform and the partner will offer no services to support end customers in the use of the Camunda Community Platform.

8 Duration and termination

8.1 This agreement is valid for an indefinite period and may be terminated by either party with a 4-week cancellation period.

8.2 This agreement may be terminated at any time without notice for good cause. A good cause exists in particular if one of the parties violates the agreement’s clauses or otherwise behaves in a manner which deems a partnership cooperation unacceptable.

9 Jurisdiction and applicable law

9.1 The legal relationship between the parties arising from or in connection with the contract are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

9.2 Jurisdiction for legal disputes arising from or in connection with the contract is Berlin.

9.3 If any provision of the contract be entirely or partially invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the contract shall remain unaffected. In place of the invalid or unenforceable provision, the one becomes valid retroactively which would have been agreed upon under economic aspects by both parties had its invalidity or unenforceability been known at the conclusion of the contract. The same applies to a loophole of the contract.