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How to become a Camunda Partner

Partnership Opportunities with Camunda

Camunda offers multiple partner programs to fit your business model(s) and extend your customer reach.  Camunda partners sell, promote and help customers implement  the Camunda Enterprise Edition platform. We provide access to Enterprise Edition software, demo instances, marketing tools, customer referrals, enablement and more.

Whether you are looking to develop and implement Camunda, sell Camunda, or include Camunda in larger product offerings, we have the program for you.

Apply now to join our fast-growing Partner network.

Camunda Partners

Global Partners

Implement & create value-add business solutions for Digital Business Process Transformations, in global territory. Some Global partners also sell Camunda Enterprise to customers depending on their desired business model with Camunda.

Regional Services Partners

Implement & support customers with value-add services in regional territory. Some Services partners also sell Camunda Enterprise to customers depending on their desired business model with Camunda.

Sales Partners

Resell Camunda Enterprise & provide services to Camunda customers.

Technology Partners

Embed Camunda technology to provide more complete & complimentary technology solutions with the Camunda platform.


You can benefit from numerous perks depending on the level of your partnership. Benefits are as follows:

Partner Logo on
Your logo as well as a description of your services will be listed on
Discount on Public Trainings
Your permanent employees can participate in Camunda public trainings with a discount of 30%.
Referral Fees
You will receive 10% of the net sales revenue actually received by Camunda from a Referral for Camunda BPM EE subscriptions.
Access to Sales Enablement
You will be supported in your Camunda related sales efforts with sales material and assistance from your partner manager.
Access to Camunda BPM EE Features
You will be entitled to download the Camunda BPM Enterprise Edition and use it for marketing and demonstration purposes.
Access to Consulting Enablement
You get access to special material such as documented best practices.
Availability of Camunda BPM Enterprise Edition Partner Support Subscription
You can sign up for a Camunda BPM EE Partner Subscription.
Access to “Camunda certified” Logo
You are entitled to display a special logo that confirms your Camunda BPM expertise.
Joint Marketing Campaigns
Camunda will work with you on joint marketing campaigns, for example by conducting webinars or events.

Apply for Partnership with Camunda

Note: The application process includes legal agreements that must be signed by an authorized employee of the company. Fees may apply.

Application Process

Once you have submitted your application, we will review your application. A regional manager will be assigned and they will review your application and contact you directly. Once approved for our partner program, you will receive a welcome email with instructions to get started and to sign in to the Camunda Partner Portal. Get ready to launch and start taking advantage of the tools and resources available.