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How to become a Camunda System Integration Partner

System Integrator Partnership

System integrators deliver services and solutions to organizations that want to leverage the Camunda Enterprise Platform.

As our partner, you will benefit from the growing demand for Camunda.

We do not expect you to pay any fee for participating in our partner program, however, we do honor your skills and experience by awarding you with different levels of system integrator partnerships.

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Camunda System Integrator Levels


Accepted as Partner


Proven Camunda skills


Camunda Track Record


In order to achieve a specific level as a Camunda partner, the following criteria must be met:

Criteria Basic Certified Advanced

Approved for Partner Program

When you apply for the Camunda Partner Program you must read and accept the Camunda Partner Program Agreement.

Your application will be reviewed by one of our regional partner managers and once it has been accepted you will be notifed that you have been approved for the Camunda Partner Program.

Certified Developers (min 3)

Once you have received the official confirmation from Camunda that at least 3 software developers / consultants of your permanent staff have been successfully certified for Camunda, you become a "Camunda certified System Integrator".

Long Term Success

You and Camunda maintain an ongoing relationship that translates into business success for our customers, you and Camunda.


You can benefit from numerous perks depending on the level of your partnership. Benefits are as follows:

Benefits Basic

Partner Logo on

Your logo as well as a description of your services will be listed on

Discount on Public Trainings

Your permanent employees can participate in Camunda public trainings with a discount of 30%.

Referral Fees

You will receive 10% of the net sales revenue actually received by Camunda from a Referral for Camunda BPM EE subscriptions.

Access to Sales Enablement

You will be supported in your Camunda related sales efforts with sales material and assistance from your partner manager.

Access to Camunda BPM EE Features

You will be entitled to download the Camunda BPM Enterprise Edition and use it for marketing and demonstration purposes.

Access to Consulting Enablement

You get access to special material such as documented best practices.

Availability of Camunda BPM EE Partner Support Subscription

You can sign up for a Camunda BPM EE Partner Subscription that will provide SLA-based product support.

Access to "Camunda certified" Logo

You are entitled to display a special logo that confirms your Camunda BPM expertise.

Joint Marketing Campaigns

Camunda will work with you on joint marketing campaigns, for example by conducting webinars or events.

Apply for System Integrator Partnership

Thank you for submitting your details. We will contact you shortly

Contact information

Company Address

Company Information

Please name at least one region in which you are able to deliver your services.

This logo wil be displayed on The file you download must be of type PNG and it must not be bigger than 2 MB.

Additional information

Partner Agreement

Application Process

Once you have submitted your application, it will be immediately reviewed by a regional partner manager.

We might come back to you with additional questions.

Once your application has been approved you will receive a welcome package with your credentials for the partner portal, and your company will be listed on