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Professional Education

Training your staff with new and better capabilities improves your competitive position. Education is a cornerstone of competency. Developing and applying key skills today improves performance and leads to better results in business execution. KCI provides cost effective workshops and team training sessions on the following topics:
◾Business Process Management – Including key methods of process improvement, process governance and core process methodology with analytics
◾Business Architecture - including End to End Architecture, strategic architecture, business architecture and enterprise architecture
◾IT Management – Including IT Planning, strategic IT management and IT for non IT people
◾Management Decision Making – including business statistics, predictive analytics and the five key techniques of decision science used in business today

Consulting Services

Applying rapid business analysis techniques improves your ability to compete. Rapid response to business opportunities and performance issues are required to maintain a high degree of viability in dealing with markets today. Knowledge Consultants, Inc. provides consulting support designed around the rapid response concept that implements solutions available for quick results. Long term solutions emerge along with the low hanging fruit and become part of the strategic plan.